Monday, March 27, 2017

Ignoring Graphic Design Could be Detrimental to Your Business

Unless you’re a professional graphic designer in addition to having your own business, you are strongly advised to find and hire a graphic designer for your business’ web page. The millennial generation reached preadolescence at a time when the Internet was beginning to be used for college classes, games, and businesses. This was the beginning of Internet literacy as a necessity for those living in developed societies. Today, having a web page is commonplace. But having a page alone is not what will help your business grow to any extent. You must find a way to make your page stand out, and stick in consumers’ minds.

Why Ignoring Website Graphic Design Is Bad for Business

Your website is one giant advertisement for your business. Poor site design does not represent your brand well. This leads to lower customer traffic; and, in turn, less business. A mediocre site design will likely require regular revamping every few years. The time and cost of regular redesigning is not worth having a great design in the first place. Plus, it gives the public the impression that your business cannot afford a professional designer. An unfortunate image such as this is difficult to remove. Paying for quality design proves its usefulness many times over. One dynamite professional design will last far longer, and keeping it the same builds familiarity with your brand for your customers.

Graphic design includes your brand logo. The logo is the first connection with your brand that potential customers will see. Use it in advertising, and it may become an immediate sure-fire representation of your services. Use it on uniforms, stationary, in-company publications, and the symbolism helps bond every piece of your company together.

How to Hire a Quality Graphic Designer

There are many advantages to finding and employing a professional graphic designer. Doing so ensures you get someone with developed talent, professional skills, who spent the time at university and took the classes to get a degree in graphic design. If you hire a local graphic designer, there is the added benefit of supporting small businesses in your community. For example, if you live in Surrey, you could look at the local graphic design company Pelling Design who could take care of all aspects of your business design.

Think about it. Your website could be so much more than a generic web design template. Graphic designers can draw designs by hand and add accents on a computer. They select exact colours, typeface, images, and moods to tell your company’s story. Good graphic design can tell much more about your company than words.

More than telling customers about your business, or looking pretty, functional graphic design also promotes business. If well done, a slick website directs web traffic to a button that reads, “buy.” It does this by convincing customers of your product so well, by having material to read and look at that is so interesting, that it prompts the customers to take action.

When you are starting to look, make sure you know what you need for your business first. A new logo? New population of customers? Then, ask people in the know for designer recommendations: business colleagues, local printers, friends. Or, browse online listings for designers in your region. Review each designer’s website to see if their style looks like what your company needs. Check their design portfolios. See if the clients they typically work with are similar in size and business type to your own.

If you see a particularly good design, ask the designer about it! What were the clients’ needs, and how did the designer strive to meet them?

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